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Concrete Acoustic Barriers - IPIFON

Acoustic Barriers IPIFON
for an improved quality of life

The IPIFON panels are made of one layer of highly noise-absorbing light concrete and one load bearing layer of reinforced concrete. They are installed onto metal profiles and provide noise remediation of residential areas, also pre-existing ones.

The IPIFON’s characteristics make this system an ideal solution for traffic noise

          • Excellent soundproofing and sound absorbing properties;
          • Minimum space needed;
          • Maintenance free and durable;
          • Fit in any rail or motorway setting;
          • Available in different colors and types;
          • Easy to insert safety entrances and bays;
          • Affordable.


The standard length of the panels is 292 cm. which allows a center distance of 3 m. between the posts.
Lower length or longer panels are also available. The height of the standard panels is 1.5 – 2 m.
The required size for each specific project can be built by stacking vertically various panels and using a combination of different sizes. The panels are set on metal posts of the appropriate dimensions to withstand wind and other dynamic thrusts (such as passing trains).



The standard format is the corrugated type. Also available are custom types such as honey comb shape and rounded edges. The honey comb type has optimal sound absorbing performance owed to the many perforation on the surface which greatly increases the exposure of the sound absorbing material.
The mixture can be made of lava, expanded clay or mineral wood fibers specifically treated against decay and extremely durable.
For any of the geometrical shapes selected the wood fibers give the best acoustic results and yield warmer color tones. The front of the panels can be painted with colors of choice or with iron oxides during mixing (generally ochre, red, maroon, or intermediate colors).
The back side has smooth leveled concrete color or it can be painted during installation.

Reverberation chamber tests of index of absorption “as” conducted by Istituto Giordano of Bellaria (between 1998 - 1999).

Acoustic Properties

Because the panels are made of solid concrete, the sound insulation index is very high (more than 40 dB in an enclosed area, as function of the type of noise absorbing surface and the thickness of load bearing structure). The IPIFON panels owe their sound-absorbing quality to the use of a layer of porous concrete and the rugged surface of the facade. The optimal granulometric curve of expanded clay and lava has been calculated after exhaustive tests conducted in authorized laboratories.
The diagram of the index of sound-absorbing is shown in the chart above.


The posts of the IPIFON panels can be imbedded on the foundation base or inserted onto plinths (either existing or made on the spot) or on traffic divider barriers. The panels’ posts can be fixed onto different types of Jersey barriers with U-bolts plates.
A typical truck load can transport 90 to 100 sq. m of panels. The assembly is very fast and it requires medium size lifting equipment. The panels are inserted onto the metal profiles and snapped against the back side of the posts using a simple system of stainless steel nuts and heavy-duty lock bolts (see details in the photo).
The joins between stacked panels and the areas of contact between the edge of the façade and supporting structure are protected with EPDM sealing gaskets.
In a couple of hours a crew of three with a light-weight crane can mount about 80-90 sq. m of panels over posts already placed.


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