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Soundproof, Insulating, and Silent Cabins; Soundproof Workshops;
Soundproof Booths

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Our soundproof cabins Alfakel Series “A” feature high soundproofing power. They are the direct result of detailed research and years of experience in the many projects we implemented in the industrial, commercial and residential sectors.

As expert in acoustics, we know that each source of noise has precisely defined characteristics, originating from the frequency of its components; therefore each remedial action requires accurate knowledge of the specific frequency.

Unique materials distinguish our soundproof cabins

Our soundproof cabins are unique for the composition of the noise reduction materials we use inside the panels for sound insulation, absorption or impendence, and we strive to keep unchanged the characteristics of the structure, the paneling and the other components.

Planning a soundproofing project

Each soundproofing project starts with a thorough study of the type of mitigation needed. Our planning also includes care to maintain the optimal working conditions of the existing machinery and equipment; consideration for production needs and maintenance both ordinary and unscheduled; compliance with safety norms for the personnel. This package allows us to propose a total solution that can address complex issues. We offer the best results/cost ratio.

We guarantee the results not just as general measurement of noise mitigation expressed in Rw, but we guarantee the specific results for each cabin with its own noise reduction expressed in db(A)Leq – the unit of measurement used in sound tests.

Our Soundproofed Cabins include

  • Sound insulating and sound absorbing cabins for machine shops and productions lines

  • Silent cabins for technicians – Control rooms

  • Aphonic boxes for engines bench tests

  • Soundproof cabins for generators and cogeneration units

  • Soundproofed workshops for high noise level plants, turbines, power plants, airplane engine tests

  • Soundproof boxes and covers

  • Soundproof cabins for simultaneous translations

  • Soundproof cabins for recording studios and auditoria

  • All our acoustic enclosures are high performance noise insulating and absorbing. They are designed to specifications for any size of machinery and for all industrial sectors. All Alfakel products result from advanced acoustic studies and solid experience in the field.

Accessories for Soundproofed Cabins

All our soundproof cabins are built with modular bolted panels, easy to disassemble partially or wholly, therefore they can be added on, or re-used in other implementations. They can be provided with any type of accessories according to Clients’ requirements, such as electric circuit, lighting, synchronized doors and windows, micro safety switches, smoke detectors, etc.


Our products are built with quality materials in accordance to ISO 9001 2008, and, as needed, CE certification, User Manual and Maintenance Manual.

Upon request we offer a scheduled maintenance program.








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