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Acoustic Engineering
and Design

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Our design team is made of technical staff expert in acoustics, with proved experience and legal certifications. We use the best Class 1 instruments and our acoustic forecasting software is constantly updated to provide accurate evaluations for the mitigating projects to be implemented.

Our initial evaluation will consider, as well as the noise abatement objectives to be reached, the special needs of our clients with respect to functionality, maintenance and compliance with existing safety regulations.

Our labs conduct research on new materials and updates on the ones currently used in order to offer products always built with the best technology available.

For years we have been working with public and private enterprises, designers, consulting agencies and work health and safety entities to offer our expertise in implementing comprehensive noise mitigation projects, evaluation of environmental impact, design of acoustic measurement chambers (anechoic, semi-anechoic, reverberation chambers) and certified acoustic testing.

We have recently designed and implemented a modern reverberation chamber where we can simulate a sound field up to 142 db(A) for noise insulating tests. Our clients can lease this chamber to sound test their products.









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