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Sound-insulating Doors and Gates

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In noisy workshops or in locations where there are particularly noisy machines, the critical areas of noise-proofing are usually the entrance ways for personnel or materials, and the windows, if present.

The Alfakel series “A” sound-insulating gates and doors are the best solution for noise remediation of all access points, and because of their flexibility they can be used in all industrial, commercial private or public activities sectors.

Characteristics of Sound-insulating Doors and Gates

Our sound-insulating doors and gates are tailor made to meet all acoustic requirements and have the following features:

  • High sound-insulating power, starting from 35 dB (Rw ) or 15-18 dB (A)
  • Strong counter frame with double or triple jambs
  • Heavy duty hinges
  • Special weather stripping
  • Availability to insert transparent porthole windows
  • Availability to insert a walk-through door
  • Availability to insert grids or silencers for air circulation
  • Available as single panel, sliding, or double doors
  • Automatic opening either vertically or horizontally

We also produce sound-insulating windows fixed or operable, available with safety glass and special frames in aluminum, painted, zinc-coated, or stainless steel.








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