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Mobile Sound Insulating
and Sound Absorbing Screens Rw 23 dB

SERIE V1000cert


The Alfakel Series V1000 cert sound insulating and sound absorbing screens are, in their standard configuration, stackable modular elements made of 2 heat-sealed PVC layers, one of which with micro perforations, with an internal layer of special sound absorbing and sound insulating materials.
Each modular element comes with 2 rollers on the upper side, Velcro strips on the sides for easy fastening and un-fastening between modules and a transparent PVC skirting on the bottom side.

Upon special requests we can provide various customizations: such as steel grommets, press buttons, mobile frames either manual or mechanical.


For their flexibility of use and easy assembly the Alfakel Series V1000 cert mobile screens represent the ideal solution for creating acoustic enclosures for indoors or outdoors production sites, machinery, loading/un-loading docks, commercial activities and recreation venues, etc.
The Alfakel Series V1000 cert mobile screens can be easily opened and closed in any location and stack-folded partially or completely. This characteristic makes them ideal for providing free and easy access to specific areas without causing clutter, even in limited space conditions.

Acoustic Properties

Due to the composition of the inner acoustic materials and the accurate empty/full ratio the Alfakel V1000 cert panels are accredited with a sound insulating performance index of Rw=23 dB, in accordance with regulations UNI EN ISO 10140-1:2010, UNI EN ISO 10140-2:2010, and UNI EN ISO 717-1:2007 (Certificate CSI 0094/DC/ACU/11).
The diagrams in Figures 1 and 2 show the values of total insulation and the sound absorption coefficient for various frequencies.
In practical terms, however, the acoustic insulation varies in function of the size of the screens and the sound characteristics of the space.
In many cases, the “jump over” effect of the sound waves can be eliminated with excellent results by applying to the surfaces the sound absorbing tiles B 208/2 hung as ceiling baffles.

Absolute Insulation

Figure 1

Acoustic Absorption

Measured according to ISO R354

Figure 2

General Properties

Module dimensions:
Temperatures of usage:
Fire reaction:
Mechanical strength:
10 Kg./sq.m approximately
mm. 900 x (h) 3500 max
blue, grey, green
- 10 + 80° C
self-extinguishing, low flammability


  • Easy to assemble
  • Interchangeable elements
  • Easy access to various points of the shielded area
  • Good cost vs. acoustic benefits ratio
  • Esthetically pleasing


The Alfakel V1000 cert sound insulating and sound absorbing panels are equipped with pivoting rollers on the top side which fit onto their sliding guides.
Each modular element is fitted with Velcro strips on the sides to fasten and unfasten the individual modules and also to attach or detach them from the supporting structure.
Upon request visual inserts in transparent polyvinyl are available
According to the use intended for the screens, they can be mounted on existing structures or on structures created specifically, either fixed or mobile.

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