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Industrial Silencers

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The industrial silencers Alfakel series “S” are designed to reduce noise generated by the circulation of fluids in the open or inside pipes.

Our series “S” silencers are different in shape (rectangular, cylindrical, etc.), functionality (dissipative, reactive, or mixed) and also for the components used for each specific need..

The most popular and the most effective for their high noise abatement power are the Series S 200 sound absorbing industrial silencers, either standard version for general purpose applications, or the special version for high temperature environments, hospital settings, etc.

We also offer an excellent product very popular with contractors and industrial designers: modular rectangular elements called S 102, which can be assembled and stacked to achieve the degree of noise mitigation desired and meet flow capacity, as well as obtaining a size of silencer that fits the Clients’ equipment.

Our technical staff is available to provide estimates of the best approach to your specific problems.








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