Soundproofing treatments

Sound Absorbing Treatments


Alfakel produces sound baffling panels specifically designed to remediate noise generated in manufacturing areas or entertainment and social venues (such as recording studios, gyms, sports arenas, swimming pools, cafeterias, and schools) where the shape and materials of the building are particularly conducive to noise propagation, therefore causing reverberation.

Our noise absorbing panels are made of a textile based material or polyester fiber, their sound absorbing surface is totally exposed, and they can be placed on walls, faux ceilings, or hanging baffles.

Our panels series “B 208” and “B 202” are particularly effective: they have an esthetically pleasing finish, and their increased noise absorption power is due to the porosity of the material itself, as well as what is known as the “vibrating membrane effect”.

Characteristics and Certifications:

All the components of our noise absorbing products meet these requisites:

  • Anti-dust, anti-mould, hypo-allergenic (do not contain mineral wool)
  • They do not create dust or shed fiber dangerous to the environment or people; they do not crystallize
  • Extremely light weight. Applied to ceilings or hung as baffles, they do not need additional structural support, or special accident preventive measures in case of detachment
  • They come in relaxing colors especially designed not to alter natural light reflection
  • Class 1 certified fire resistant
  • Noise absorption coefficient rate certified

To effectively calibrate noise remediation of any interiors it’s necessary to study the structural components and the acoustic characteristics of the area. Our labs will collect samples of the initial “reverberation time” to optimize our intervention and then afterwards to validate the results obtained.

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