Specifications for:
Sound-insulating and Sound-absorbing Enclosures for Machinery


 The supporting frame is made of press-formed painted steel profiles, ready for the insertion of doors and paneling including the following elements:

  • Base profiles that can be fitted with anchors or support screws for grouting, if mounted on concrete edging
  • Corner and central posts provided with adjustment screws for leveling the enclosure
  • Upper perimeter profiles
  • Crosspieces for sides and roof panels

The profiles are bolted together and equipped with neoprene self-adhesive seals positioned on the panels’ end stop, on the door frames, along the perimeter and on the points of contact with the floor.
Internal joint covers type “omega” made of painted steel profiles with neoprene self-adhesive seals for soundproofing and to enhance mechanical stability between the panels.
The shape of the profiles shall allow the insertion of electrical wiring system and small piping both along the perimeter and vertically, without affecting the structure of the panels and the easy disassembly.

 The paneling is made of box-shaped galvanized sheet pre-painted with “MAGONA 3000” system protected with a peel-off removable coat of suitable thickness and housing inside the damping bituminous elements loaded with elastomer Alfakel M 1000 with minimum thickness of 5 mm. , sound absorbing underlayment made of mineral fibers or polyester with density of no less than 50 Kg/m3 coated with polyethylene or dust resistant material, and, if required, sound insulating bituminous based Septum high density Alfakel M 4000 (minimum 6 Kg/m3), according to the remediation needed in consideration of the frequencies to be mitigated.
The inside finishing of the paneling is made of micro-expanded galvanized sheet or sound absorbing exposed material such as B208/MB connected to the panels’ frame with rivets.
All the materials shall be decay resistant, shall not change over time, and shall not emit toxic gas in case of fire.
The panels shall be provided with threaded sleeves to attach the joint covers (as noise barrier between panels) and brackets (for mechanical strength between the panels and the supporting structure).
This solution allows for fast disassemble partial or total of the enclosure’s sides during maintenance.
Total thickness of the panels for remediation of 25/30 dB(A) = 50 mm.

 Doors and Gates made of commercial profiles and box-shaped galvanized sheet pre-painted treated and coated as described above for the panels, equipped with counter frame with double jambs. All doors shall be provided with neoprene perimeter seals; heavy duty adjustable hinges; safety exit push-bar or pressure door type “Dictator Technik”.

 Windows made of security double glass type VISARM 3 + 3 inserted in fitting sealed frames and glazing gaskets.

The Enclosure shall be fitted with all necessary accessories to ensure the optimal working conditions of the equipment that needs to be soundproofed; and in consideration of the safety of the personnel in charge of it, may be provided with the following:

  • Air ventilation system inside the cabin made of openings soundproofed with silencers of absorbing type or modular silencers S 102 and extractor electric fans of the appropriate size to ensure the correct working of the machinery at the temperatures recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Electric and lighting circuits for safety of operations inside the enclosure in areas subject to ordinary maintenance
  • Safety systems to prevent access to the enclosure while the machinery is operational
  • Automated doors, portals, and partitions inside the enclosure made with gearmotors and hydraulic cylinders possibly in synch with the cycle of operation of the machinery
  • Fire alarm system, fire detector and fire protection (compartmentalization)

The enclosure shall be CE certified, with User Manual and Maintenance Manual for all the possible accessories installed at delivery of the product (ventilation and electrical systems, automation, etc.).

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