Anti-noise barriers

Barriers: Anti-noise, Soundproof, Insulating, and Absorbing


We produce a complete series of anti-noise barriers that can meet all your noise mitigation requirements for noise originated from motorway and railway traffic, industrial production sites, entertainment and recreation venues, etc.

Our anti-noise barriers are built with material and treatments of the best quality to ensure enduring solid performance and maximum resistance to weather conditions and chemicals. Our variety of choices allows our client to select approaches that meet their esthetics requirements and minimize environmental impact.

Our installation teams of highly experienced technicians guarantee delivery of the project as turn-key, quickly and at competitive prices.


Our anti-noise barriers comprise of:

  • Metal or aluminum panels series Alfa MC soundproofingsound-insulating, or double-absorbing available in various thickness.
  • Wood panels Class 1, with high sound-insulating and soundproofing power, treated for outdoors series Alfa BS2M, and Iboce available in various types and configurations.
  • Mixed steel/wood panels series Alfa.
  • Panels made of concrete with expanded clay finish or expanded clay mixed with wood fibers, in various configurations, series Alfakel Ipifon.

The load-bearing structure of our anti-noise barriers provided along with the panels is made of steel sheets FE 430 (S 275 JR) certified HEA or HEB hot zinc coated according to UNI EN ISO 1461 standards with minimum thickness of 60 micron and, upon request, painted according to specifications.



All our barriers are certified EC and hold the appropriate certifications, among them:

  • Sound insulation index compliant with norm UNI EN 1793-1-2:97
  • Sound absorption index compliant with norm UNI EN 1793-1:99
  • Wind resistance compliant with UNI EN 1794-1:98 annex A
  • Falling stones impact resistance compliant with EN 1794-1:98 annex C
  • Brush fire resistance compliant with EN 1794-2:98.A


Barrier Accessories

Upon request the following accessories are available:

  • Panels with PMMA inserts transparent, white or colored with aluminum, wood or metal frame
  • Strips placed diagonally or in other geometrical shapes according to client’s design; protective flashing in aluminum 6/10 or wood, either flat or slanted
  • Upper cylindrical attenuator
  • Photovoltaic panels with optional automatic on-switch
  • Insertion of doors for security exits or driveways
  • Frames to obscure the structure

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