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Azienda Alfakel

Alfakel was founded in 1999, following the sale of a business unit by Soc. Az. Italiana Keller, a multinational leader in the development and production of special materials for industrial and automotive soundproofing during the 1970s and ‘80s.

The founding partners, former Keller executives who had been operating in the field of industrial soundproofing since the early ‘70s, given the chance to take advantage of technologies already acquired and the research tools put at their disposal, seized the opportunity to create a dynamic and flexible company, one capable of meeting any need related to problems of industrial, community and environmental noise pollution.


Over the years, in addition to constant investments in employees’ continuing professional development and research into new products, the company has completed countless projects, both industrial and non-industrial, for major public and private companies. Today these constitute a concrete patrimony of experience and act as a guarantee of the reliability of our solutions in terms of technology and construction.


Alfakel has always pursued the goal of absolute customer satisfaction, delivering quality products and services compliant with current regulatory requirements, operating since 2007 with an ISO 9001 quality certification (Cert. E-18-1115).


A company policy focused on providing all of our customers with solutions that address every aspect of their soundproofing issues, providing the same amount of care and attention to the smallest of projects as we do to the largest, has allowed us to continue growing while maintaining a position of leadership as a company that sets the standard in our field.

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