Acoustic screens

Acoustic Screens
and Sound Insulating Curtains


Acoustic screens and sound insulating curtains are specifically recommended for their flexibility of use, especially for the remediation of noise generated from machinery or manufacturing where the mitigation can be limited, or in cases where the availability of space is a priority and certain section can be zoned off to perform the noisy work.
We produce various types of acoustic screens either fixed or mobile (on wheels, sliding on tracks or hanging on rails, etc.) sound insulating and sound absorbing, sound insulating and bi-absorbing for exteriors and interiors, with our usual attention to acoustic requirements, the esthetics and enduring quality over time.

We would like to recommend our modular screens, an excellent product that combines functionality and price/performance value. The modular screens “V” are made with two heat-sealed PVC layers containing the sound insulating and/or absorbing materials, designed and built for the best acoustic performance in reference to the specific acoustic material within and the optimal empty/full ratio.


There are two types of acoustic screens:

  • Acoustic screens V1000 cert: these mobile modular panels joined by strips of Velcro with tracks and guides can be applied to existing structures or dedicated ones, suitable for indoors or outdoors enclosures. They can be disassembled and stacked partially or completely to provide free access to the area, according to the needs.
  • Acoustic screens V2000: these modular panels come with fittings to insert standard pipes for worksites fences; suited to protect visually and acoustically worksites and outdoors workout areas; they can replace the typical wire mesh welded fences and can be easily installed on a variety of fixed or mobile supports, such as cement blocks or Jersey barriers and they can be re-utilized.
    The series “V” panels come in various colors and can be personalized with logos and trademarks; equipped with accessories such as special structures, hooks and grommets for special use, and PVC translucent viewing windows.


Characteristics and Certifications of our Sound Absorbing Treatments

To guarantee quality and manufacturing of the original series “V” panels, each is branded with the Alfakel logo on the weld joints.
All the series “V” panels are delivered with certificate of sound insulation (Rw), in accordance with regulations UNI EN ISO 10140-1:2010, UNI EN ISO 10140-2:2010, and UNI EN ISO 717-1:2007.

For further information on our acoustic panels and sound insulating curtains, please check the “Technical Data” and “Product Specifications”, or contact our Sales Office.

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