Acoustic properties and vibrations

Applied onto sheet metal panels the Alfakel M tiles reduce the amplitude of vibrations and the radiated noise.
The Alfakel M tiles will achieve the following results in acoustic quieting:

  • Rapid damping of vibrations originated from surfaces excited by shock
  • Lower or eliminate resonance effect
  • Reduce the propagation of bending waves vibrations
  • “Anti-sheet” effect, that is the partial or total elimination of “metal characteristics” of the damped objects “tinniness”

The sound damping properties of the Alfakel M panels have the following properties:

Total Loss Factor

Total loss Factor ηtot for thickness ratio

Damping layer
———––————— = 2
Support Sheet

And for frequency of 200 Hz (DIN 53440, Vibrating bar test)

T = 20°C

ηtot = 0.05÷0.09

Decay rate

Decay rate Dt of the vibration amplitude as function of time (Geiger and SAE methods):

T = 20°

Dtot = 5÷12 dB/s.

Shear Modulus and Internal Damping

Shear modulus and Damping (ETAG method Interkeller):


Temperature °C G = a 200 Hz (Kg/cm2) η a 200 Hz
0 6000÷8000 0,2÷0,3
20 1800÷2500 0,4÷0,5
50 100÷150 0,9÷1,1

General properties

Dimension: 1230 x 1040 mm
Color: black
Specific weight: 5,5 kg/dm3
Thickness: 3 mm
Maximum Temperatures: — 20 ÷ + 90°C
Burning rate: V ≤ 20 mm/min (classes: self-extinguishing)
Flammability vertically: classes V2
Thermal conductivity: 0,45 Kcal/mh °C
Water resistance: good
Gasoline and oil resistance: insufficient, when the surfaces are not protected
Diluted acid resistance: medium

More benefits

  • Thermal bonding
  • Fits well to the shape of the substrate
  • Very easy to cut
  • Anti-corrosion coated


Alfakel M damping tiles are made of thermoplastic materials and are generally heat installed. If needed, they can be applied using water based adhesives.

For heat based installations, follow these guidelines:
On horizontal surfaces the standard product (Alfakel M 1000) is placed before heating directly on the area to be treated.

Adequate temperatures required to obtain a correct adhesion of the Alfakel M thermo bonding tiles are 120+160°C.

Cold installation:
For horizontal and vertical surfaces use the product Alfakel M 2000 with contact adhesive applied to the substrate.

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