Acoustic properties

Sound absorbing coating
The sound absorption characteristics of acoustic materials are based also on the size of the air gap between the type of paneling being considered and the ceiling or the wall.
Figure 1 shows the absorption curves of the Alfakel B 208 elements, as function of the frequency, for various distances of the elements from walls or ceiling.

Volume of the reverberating chamber:

Surface examined: 7.2 sq. m in projection
Type of sound: white noise in 1/3 of octave

Fig. 1- Impact of the size of the air gap.

The power of absorption of the Alfakel B 208 elements can be further enhanced by inserting in the air gap a layer of sound absorbing porous material such as Alfakel M.
The thicker is the layer of Alfakel M the higher is the coefficient of absorption.
Figure 2 shows the various curves in relation to the thickness of the porous layer inserted for a distance of d=100 mm.
Fig. 2 – Impact of the thickness of the porous layer inserted in an air gap d = 100 mm.

Double absorbing baffles

To create a double absorbing surface, 2 Alfakel B 208 panels can be bonded together. They are called “Baffles B 208/2” and they are used for practical reasons (for example, in consideration of the existing lighting system) or to meet particular acoustic requirements.
In fact, the hanging Baffles B 208/2 for the same surface of absorption, yield same or higher values of absorption for the surface treated.
Figure 3 shows the Baffles B 208/2’s absorption curve as function of the frequency.


Fig. 3 – Baffles B 208/2’s absorption curve as function of the frequency.

General properties



B 208 B 208/2
Weight: Kg. 1,00 Kg. 2,00
Nominal dimensions: 600x1200x75 mm. 600x1200x150 mm.
Surface of absorption: mq. 0,72 mq. 1,44
Strength: Buona
Thermal insulation: Excellent (l = 0,033 kcal/mh °C)
Fire reaction:
Class 1 (Certificate LSF/U 1403880 of 15-05-87)


Further benefits

    • Standard elements easy to install
    • Great esthetics
    • Light weight
    • Sound absorbing surface completely visible
    • Do not contain mineral fibers or fibers considered harmful
    • Do not crystallize over time
    • Standard color are considered relaxing
    • Easy to clean with a common vacuum or water sprayed


The Alfakel B 208 elements, as sound absorbing paneling for walls or ceilings, can be installed with traditional methods, such as profile frames either lengthwise or vertically, nailed on wooden strips or directly onto the walls. Installed with the correct frame, the panels can be mounted to attain the appropriate air gap desired.
The Baffles Alfakel B 208 can be hung from the ceiling on hooks, metal bars, etc. and anchored onto existing structures.

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