Specifications for:
Portable Screens Series V1000 cert


 The V1000 cert screens are mobile modular elements made of a double sheet of PVC material (one of which with micro perforations) with the following characteristics:

  • Weight: approximately 650 gr. sq.m.
  • Tensile strength: 260 Kg/5 cm. approximately
  • Tear resistance: 20 Kg. approximately

Inside the double PVC sheets are inserted the specific sound absorbing and sound insulating materials Alfakel M 6460 made of:

  • One sound absorbing porous underlayment textile based (M6000)
  • One sound insulating bituminous layer called “Septum” (M4000)
  • One sound absorbing porous underlayment textile based (M6000)

The V1000 cert screens are fitted with:

  • Velcro strips on the sides to quickly fasten/unfasten the modules
  • PVC translucent heat-sealed skirting on the bottom side
  • Upper sliding track and rollers
  • Visual transparent inserts in heat-sealed PVC 400×600 mm. approximately

Standard module dimensions: 900 x height required (maximum 4000 mm.).
Total weight (excluded the supporting frame) is 10 Kg/sq.m approximately

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