Specifications for: 
Soundproof Concrete Barriers

 1.1. Concrete Panels

The panels are made of one load bearing layer of vibrated reinforced concrete class RBK 300 Kg/m2of minimum thickness of 8 cm., and of one sound absorbing layer of light concrete with corrugated surface (or other patterns), with minimum thickness of no less than 4 cm. and depth of no less than 8 cm. made 100% of expanded clay with mass volume of between 350 and 600 Kg/m3.
The sound absorbing layers can be painted with colors of choice using iron oxides during the concrete mixing.
The joins between the panels and with the supporting structure are sealed with EPDM gaskets.

 1.2. Structure

The supporting frame of the concrete panels of the anti-noise barrier can be made with HEA profiles metal posts Fe 430 B (275 JR) certified hot galvanized in compliance with UNI EN 1461, with minimum thickness of 6 micron, provided with anchor base plate of minimum dimension of mm. 250×280 and thickness of 15 mm., depending on the height of the barrier.
The base plate shall be fixed to the HE steel posts with bead welding and with two angled base plates of 160×90 mm. and 10 mm. thick.
Alternatively, the HE steel posts can be immersed in concrete wells with minimum depth of 500 mm.

 1.3. Certifications

As final Clients’ acceptance of the acoustic panels and their components, Alfakel shall provide results of technical tests conducted by authorized and/or licensed institutions to validate the technical specifications of the materials.
The concrete soundproofing barriers shall be provided with acoustic certification in accordance with European norm ISO 354 of 1985.

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